dCoinswap Security

The protection of funds and user data is always our first concern. Therefore, we take several measures to secure our whole infrastructure. We are permanently auditing and improving our security standards, scanning routines and general system security to be always one step ahead of potential threats. Below some of our security fundamentals are described. Please note that we cannot disclose all of our detailed security measures for obvious reasons.

Wallet Security

We only store the funds needed for the liquidity of our exchange services in encrypted online wallets. The majority of all funds is stored offline in encrypted cold wallets, isolated from any online system and not accessible through our servers. These funds can only be accessed manually by our management requiring the approval of all members.

Account Security

  • We provide Two factor Authentication as additional security layer for your account.
  • We monitor the locations from which you use dCoinswap. Your account cannot be accessed from unknown locations without your consent.
  • Funds cannot be withdrawn to unknown addresses. Every new withdrawal address needs to be registered and confirmed before funds can be withdrawn.
  • We use PGP to sign our outgoing e-mail correspondence.

Infrastructure Security

  • Our platform is based on always up-to-date linux machines located in secured data centers.
  • We never store sensitive data in plain text. We use strong encryption technologies wherever possible.
  • We have several anti-DDoS measures in place.
  • We back up all important data every few hours.
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