dCoinswap fees Effective date: 24.10.2018

Trading fees

  • No fees for trades in DCS markets.
  • No maker fees.
  • Taker fees are calculated on a per-trade basis as percentage of the trade's volume in the respective currency to receive from the trade.
Market Maker fee Taker fee
DCS Markets no fee no fee
All other markets no fee 0.05%

Deposit & Withdrawal fees

  • No deposit fees.
  • Withdrawal fees are regularly updated based on blockchain conditions. Current fees are listed below.
Asset Minimum withdrawal Withdrawal fee
Bitcoin 0.00050 BTC 0.00010 BTC
Ripple 5.00000 XRP 0.10000 XRP
Tether 5.00000 USDT 0.50000 USDT
dCoinswap Token 5.00000 DCS 0.50000 DCS
Ethereum 0.05000 ETH 0.00500 ETH
Ethereum Classic 0.05000 ETC 0.00500 ETC
Litecoin 0.15000 LTC 0.00150 LTC
ZCash 0.07000 ZEC 0.00005 ZEC
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